Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Inspiration!

I just got back from the Capital Confectioners Cake Show "That Takes the Cake".  What an awe inspiring, amazing experience.  It is amazing the talent that is in the world and how each person has their own "cakin' personality"!!

I also had the most awesome privilege to meet some big names from the Cake Challenges like  Michele Foster, Laura Kitchens, Mike McCarey, Nicholas Lodge, Earlene Moore, Kathy Scott (who is a big hoot in person as well as on the cake challenges).  And yes, I did take pictures that I hope to make into 8x10s and put them up in my upcoming cake supply shop!

Best of all... I got to hang out with my buddy Toni who lives in Oklahoma (Sooners fan... but we wont hold that against her)  HOOK 'EM HORNS.  She did the cake below "Mater" from the movie Cars.  I'm so proud... she placed 2nd in her division WAY TO GO TONI!!