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June 27th
Frosting Creators of San Antonio
come join them for their Day of Sharing
February 27 & 28th , 2011
That Takes the Cake Sugar Art Show
Theme:  Comic Books:  Super Heros and Super Villians
Sept 12th
Houston Cake Club Cake Decorating Extravaganzza
Sept 13-18th
Debbie Brown is coming to Houston for 3 ONE day classes.  Register at http://www.houstoncakeclub.com/
October 24-26th
Glenda Galvez will have workshops on flowers
24th: Beautiful Hydrangeas
25th: Roses- Glendas Way
26th Gergeous Gerber Daisies
October 27th (10am-noon)

Are you into cake?? Are you obsessed with "The Ultimate Cake Challenges" and "Cake Boss"?  Do you watch those shows and think... 
"well I would have done this.. and this and this"?

Well, lets put your skills to the test... Welcome to the "That Takes the Cake" Capital Confectioners Sugar Art show in Austin Texas.   Yes ladies and gents... you can put your skills to the test by entering their sugar art show.  They have entries of ALL levels from Beginners to Masters.  
Even the kiddos can join in and receive a medal.

For more information go to:  http://thattakesthecake.org/

Hurry as the date is looming close.  
If you don't want to enter... then just come see all the awesomely talented cake artists from all over Texas and the US.

For those pulling up their boot straps and entering...