Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its Official!!

Pink Box Bake Shop has officially taken the step and secured the location for the new shop. 

We have been truly blessed to have found a GREAT location with plenty of parking, blessed to have found an AWESOME landlord (God Bless him & his brother) for all they are doing to contribute to our success. An awesome church family.  The best Plumber we could ever have been blessed with .... Pookie from Pookies plumbing, who is not only fair in his pricing, but is the most patient and professional plumber John and I have ever met... since he has had to figure out the enigma of pipes and sample ports *sigh*.

Generous and wonderful friends who have pitched in, picked up a paint brush and helped me get my kitchen officially painted. (Thank you Lois and Tracye!)... even though they were anti-mint green... so design change.  (Gotta please the customers lol) 

Most of all I have been truly blessed with the most AWESOME kids and AWESOME husband!!  With their support, none of it would ever have happened!  Love you guys.

So, a little about the shop.

First off the website for it is

The shop features an area for me to create Cake Art with big windows so you can watch if you want.  The front part is a retail and classroom portion to teach beginners to advanced classes in cake, details, flowers you name it and offer supplies for our love.  We will learn everything there is to learn.  Maybe when things get up and going we an invite some big names to grace our prescence.

PBBS has a fun and whimsical side with its light pink walls, hot pink, green and chocolate accents (sounds weird but looks GREAT!).  We are set to open the Cake shop by Oct 15 (thats the goal at least), but the retail portion is getting worked on a bit more.  So hoping before Christmas... if not then Januaryish.

The retail portion will have a book and DVD area with video of cake shows and techniques playing. 

With Gods blessing, we are geared to having a place where everyone can come together and share our love of cake, cookie and candy art!!

So keep in touch.  The business has offically been blessed!  Now its up to God to do what he wants with it.