Cake Supplies

Here are a list of items that I am hoping to add to the Pink Box Bake Shop cake supply list.  If you have any requests that you would like to see offered, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Commercial Fondant
Specialty icing colors and powders
Fondant making supplies
Extracts and flavoring oils
Boards and boxes
Gumpaste supplies
Cake Pads
Airbrush supplies
Specialty Cake pans
Cupcake Supplies
How-to DVD's
Sprinkle Variety
Cake Dummies of all shapes
Cookie Supplies
Texture mats and Veiners
Flower Cutters
Cake Foil for cake bases
candy and chocolate molds

and more

Then I plan on adding to the repertoire of inventory as demand increases.

If you have something that you use often and would like to have access to locally.  Let me know and I will see about adding it into the inventory.

I will be opening an online ordering page... it is under construction.
So check back :)  Local orders can order online and pick up in person.