Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Diamonds ARE a girls best friend, especially if you are getting hitched!  Here is my latest adventure in cake for a wonderful lady tying the knot in October. (Good Luck Crystal).

The cake was a yummy RED VELVET with CREAM CHEESE filling and iced in CREAM CHEESE ....yummm!!

The box was made by using fondant panels that were cut just a bit larger than I would need and dried for 3 days with a bit of Tylose kneaded in to help it harden (aka Gumpaste), then "gently" cut to size after the cake was baked, torted, filled and iced.

The lid was made by using the same size pan (10x10)  I was going to bake the cakes in.
It is made out of gumpaste which was rolled out and dried a top the pan that was doused heavily in cornstarch on top and criscoe on the sides to prevent lifting.

I wish I could say the diamond is made of sugar... well, I tried... 9 times!!  But working with sugar is sooo TEMPERMENTAL!!  It was either not cooked to the right temp so it turned into a big blob, it was too humid and sticky, it turned amber colored....and each time it takes about 30-45 minutes to cool on top of the 30 minutes it took to get the sugar measured and cooked!!  ARGHHH!

So...the next formal sugar class that is offered I AM TAKING!!!

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